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IDM Alternatives: Download Managers for Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac

  • March 4, 2024
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IDM Alternatives: Download Managers for Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac

IDM has represented a confident choice for various users on different operating systems because of its added ease for rapid loading of files. Yet, in some instances consumers turn to other brands if they face any barriers to using the particular product. We will be analyzing IDM alternatives for Android, Windows, Mac, and iOS as well.

IDM Alternatives for Android

Advanced Download Manager

Advanced Download Manager is a robust alternative for Android users. It supports parallel downloading, download acceleration, and offers a user-friendly interface.

Loader Droid

LoaderDroid is the next well known option among Android users. It empowers the downloading process with a feature set that includes the ability to resume and pause, compatibility with multiple protocols, and extension support in the browser.

Turbo Download Manager

Do you need a download manager which gives you a high speed and is 100 per cent stable and trustworthy? If the reply is affirmative, then Turbo Download Manager is the obvious champion of this application. It has multithreading capability, scheduled downloads and it works well with the browsers by extension. Discover fun ways to learn different languages and broaden your horizons with our language articles.

IDM Alternatives for iOS

iDownload Manager

iDownload Manager is a feature-rich alternative for iOS users. It supports various file types, allows background downloading, and offers a built-in browser for easy file discovery.

Documents by Readdle

The multi-featured application known as Documents by Readdle not only gives you full control of the management process but also permits direct download actions over the web. It supports using public clouds, has strong security, and has a good integration of the below features and functions.

Files by Google

An app has Google Files, which was previously called Files Go, and it is a lightweight file management application as well as including the download manager. It eases the user due to its simplicity where the primary function is just the availability of pretty good downloading.

IDM Alternatives for Windows

Free Download Manager

Free Download Manager is a comprehensive alternative for Windows users. It supports torrent downloads, video downloading from popular sites, and offers a scheduler for managing downloads efficiently.


JDownloader is an open-source download manager which comes with an integrated option of batch downloading, captcha recognition, and file extraction automation.


EagleGet is a feature-rich download manager for Windows OS which is tolerant to slow network and fast enough to deliver your precious files without any problems. It has the HTTPS, FTP, MMS, and RTSP supported protocols and is efficient in providing malware detection during file downloads.

IDM Alternatives for Mac


Folx is a powerful download manager for Mac users. It offers splitting downloads into multiple threads, scheduling options, and integrates seamlessly with popular web browsers.

Progressive Downloader

Progressive Downloader is a simple yet effective download manager for Mac. It supports multi-threaded downloading, allows for download resumption, and offers browser integration.


Leech is a feature-rich download manager designed for Mac users. It supports Safari and Firefox integration, offers download scheduling, and provides bandwidth throttling options.

Features Comparison of IDM Alternatives

Each IDM alternative comes with different qualities and potentials. The consumers need to take into consideration the speed, compatibility, and donor-friendly factors when choosing an alternative for their device .

Choosing the Right Alternative for Your Device

When choosing between the alternatives, it is important as you may not be willing to settle for less. Analyze the properness and the uniqueness of every option to find a perfect answer to the question of the right device for you.


While IDM remains a popular choice for downloading files, but there are various options basically on different work platforms. The choice between Android, iOS, Windows, or Mac is just the start. Mechanisms that come with the download manager are worth consideration. Retime your downloading experience to your own preferences.


  • Are IDM alternatives free to use?
    • Most IDM alternatives offer free versions with limited features. However, some may offer premium versions with additional functionalities.
  • Do IDM alternatives support browser integration?
    • Yes, many IDM alternatives support browser integration to streamline the downloading process.
  • Can IDM alternatives accelerate download speeds?
    • Yes, IDM alternatives often offer features like download acceleration and multi-threaded downloading to enhance download speeds.
  • Are IDM alternatives compatible with all file types?
    • Most IDM alternatives support a wide range of file types, including documents, videos, music, and more.
  • Are IDM alternatives available on mobile devices?
    • Yes, many IDM alternatives have versions available for both mobile and desktop platforms.
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