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Legal Formalities of Hiring Offshore Software Developers

  • March 30, 2024
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Legal Formalities of Hiring Offshore Software Developers


Are you looking to speed up your project development process? Need a quality analyst to ensure things are working well for your market-ready products? Or looking for a team that can work on overloaded project requirements so that your in-house team can focus on the more important work. If any of the situation looks familiar to you, then you strongly can go offshoring outsourcing. 

But what exactly does offshore mobile app development mean? And what are the legal formalities one should keep in mind before or time of hiring? In this blog, we have covered all the answers to the queries you face while hiring an offshore development team.  

What is Offshore Software Development?

The term can be pretty clear with the name itself but many times people confuse terms like “ offshore”, “onshore”, and “nearshore”. Moreover, it can change the whole concept and model so let’s have a look at a short one-line description of each for better understanding. 


When one organization connects with another company within the same region or country. 

Nearshore- Partnering with the companies for the projects from neighboring countries available within a short time difference. 


The model that focuses on hiring a team or connecting with developers from different countries can have time differences as well but can provide better and cost-effective solutions. 

So now we know what Offshore development means. Let’s move ahead to the things that you need to consider before hiring developers or teams for your upcoming project. 

Essential Checklist to Hire Offshore Development Team

To successfully hire offshore software developers there are many things that the company has to keep in mind before. The process can take some time but has to be done properly for the best team or individuals. If you are new to the offshore process then you should be extra careful. The process can be easy but can come up with some challenges like fake company profiles, and other fraudulent activities. So one must go through this checklist. 

Check the company details

Remember to check all the details that are shared with you by the offshore company, check the company details on trusted platforms, go through the size of the organization, and make sure it exists and has a proper record. 

Expertise in Diverse Domains

Having expertise in diverse domains can help you get vast exposure to the company and can easily get the service on different projects from the same organization. 

Portfolio and Client Review

To make sure everything suits your project requirements check the previous work done by the company and also ask for client references and work portfolio for better decisions. This helps find out whether the company is actually promising or not for you. 

Transparency of the Company

Go through the company contract and policy if you will be involved in the loop during the process of development or not. It is crucial to take the reviews on time to maintain transparency along both sides and to know if the work is progressing as planned. 

Apart from this, there are multiple legal formalities taken care of that most companies forget to look at and face issues after they make the final decision and make up their mind to hire an offshore development team. So, yes it is an important factor to consider, let’s have a look at some important legal formalities. 

Legal Formalities to Consider While Hiring Offshore Development Team

Define all the contract terms beforehand 

When hiring an offshore software development team it is important to consider every legal aspect. Make sure you clearly define the type of work, and service getting and mention all the conditions and obligations for the employer and developer for transparency. 

Go through all the applicable country laws 

The company laws are different as there are some country laws also that are applicable as per the place where one organization is situated. So, it is very essential to ensure compliance with all the applicable civil laws and order to avoid any legal consequences. 

Tax records for Offshore contractors and employees 

To meet the business tax obligation make sure to keep all the records of the tax when one goes for hiring an offshore team. Also, make sure to keep a copy of all the documents for further verification if needed. 

Data Privacy and Confidentiality 

Make an NDA that will be applicable for both employer and employee regarding protecting private data. Make sure the data which has been shared and exchanged should be kept encrypted and stored securely. 

Follow the appropriate health and safety guidelines 

When working with an offshore employee or contractor it is mandatory to follow the health and safety guidelines. Provide a safe workplace that is compliant with the local regulations. Make sure to provide the necessary PPE needed by them. 

Intellectual Property Rights Assignment

When working with the offshore software development team, there definitely will be IP assigning done. So it is important to adhere to all the applicable laws related to assigning IP rights. Document everything while assigning the IP to avoid any issues and provide additional protection.


Hope the blog helped you understand what exactly offshore software development is, what the points to keep in mind when hiring one, and what legal formalities to consider during the process of hiring.  If you are looking to hire dedicated developers than contact us.

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