July 25, 2024

How to Play IDV Photographer – The Best Persona and Strategies

  • July 2, 2024
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How to Play IDV Photographer – The Best Persona and Strategies

IDV Photographer

If you’ve recently fallen in love with the blend of Victorian elegance and Gothic horror character IDV Photographer, then you’ve found the right person to connect with. Not only does he possess a variety of capabilities, but he is also a strong contender to be a powerful hunter in meta. If you make up your mind to play this character, then you have to upgrade it and that needs a lot of materials but worry not, you can choose Identity V top up by visiting U7BUY.

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We’ve tested and gathered tons of strategies, and his best Persona build and abilities that almost work for every one of you.

Abilities of Identity V Photographer

External Traits

Joseph, likely the star of the show, has a main trick of taking photos to make a parallel dimension of the game. If he makes a click with a camera, it takes a picture of a map. Joseph can then get inside this snapshot and freely engage the survivors as they were when having this photograph taken. This means he can juggle tasks, interfere with the survivors’ gameplay, and put pressure on the entire map.

Space-Time Rewind

Joseph’s regular attacks deal 1.5 times the damage, making his hits super painful. Survivors who take this damage can’t fully heal, as healing only works in whole numbers. This keeps them vulnerable and easier to knock down later.

Recorded Moment and Time Jump

  • Recorded Moment: Joseph can enter the photo without moving to the camera’s location, giving him flexibility and strategic positioning.
  • Time Jump: Records his last 15 seconds of movement, which he can rewind to. This helps him reposition or pull off complex moves like hitting survivors through loops or performing a double teleport.

Optimal Persona Build For IDV Photographer

Versatility in Persona Choices

Joseph’s persona build can have several variations based on the player’s personal approach. If you love to be in the offense end or the defense side, he is perfect for you.  Here’s a build that works great in high-rank matches:

  • Detention: Boosts damage to downed survivors, making it easier to secure eliminations.
  • Street Sweeper: Shows nearby survivors when they’re healing, perfect for stopping rescue attempts.
  • Impact: Slows down survivors’ healing speed, giving you more time to apply pressure.
  • Panic: Lowers decoding speed of injured survivors, slowing the game and giving you more control.

Choice of Traits

  • Teleport: Works well with Time Jump, letting Joseph double teleport and cover large distances fast.
  • Blink: Great for bypassing loops and hitting survivors in tight spots, helping with Joseph’s looping weakness.

Gameplay Strategy For IDV Photographer

Early Game

To start with, locate a camera and make sure to capture a picture. This helps prevent cypher rushes, as it resets partially decoded cyphers. You can hit the survivor once in the photo to make them one shot for the rest of the game.

Mid Game

You must concentrate your efforts on thwarting decoding attempts and maintaining the psychological pressure on the survivors. Make picture shots at particular times for survivors to remain alert to treat injuries and adapt to changes in plans.

Late Game

Shift focus to securing eliminations mobile applications in text. Utilize Time Jump to execute tricky movements and take the enemies by surprise. Teleport between exit gates and cyphers to put pressure on the map and prevent the survivors from fleeing.

Advanced Tips to Play Photographer in Identity V

  • Photo Timing: Take photos at crucial times to mess with the survivors’ progress. For example, snap a photo just before a cipher is completed to cut its progress in half.
  • Rewinding: Use Time Jump to close gaps quickly or retreat to a safer spot.
  • Mind Games: Use Joseph’s abilities to create uncertainty and pressure. Downing a survivor in the photo forces the team to split their focus between the illusion and the real world.


Joseph the IDV Photographer is among the best hunters who can interfere with the plans of the survivors and never let off the pressure. These are his strengths which make him one of the best hunters in Identity V. Now if you follow the above-given guide then it will not take you much time to know that Joseph is one of the best hunters in the Identity V game.

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