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What Makes Shopify the Best E-commerce Platform for Startups?

  • March 28, 2024
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What Makes Shopify the Best E-commerce Platform for Startups?

If you want to start an eCommerce brand, that is not an easy challenge. That is why choosing the platform for the best online selling should not have any second thought. When someone wants to have a great customer base online, they start looking for solutions, and the best solution they find is to have a Shopify website. It is the first name that comes to mind when you think of the best eCommerce platform

With the Shopify platform, they offer a great opportunity for customers to deal online through their devices more conveniently and swiftly. Now you can generate websites with cart-generated software instead of the old styles of making an e-commerce platform website. This online software Shopify for developing the website, is more advanced with more features and qualities. There are many things already made and ready to use hence reducing the time, effort, and costs. These are one of the many advantages of Shopify eCommerce for startups.

There are several reasons why Shopify is the best e-commerce platform worldwide, but before that, let us understand Shopify once again. 


No doubt, Shopify is the best software as a service (SaaS) for any e-commerce. Shopify provides the best tools and features for selling and dropshipping on various channels at the same time. It has everything that you may need to make your e-commerce website a perfect marketplace.

 By doing so, you can sell directly with the help of your website by sitting in your retail store or via your social media and any other third-party marketplace. You can get 100s of free and paid themes to build up your store without learning anything from scratch. This is secure eCommerce software that allows you to build different pages with the help of an inbuilt online editor, and you can customise the store and have multiple languages for your website. 

If you think this is good for your business or not, just remember it is powering more than 500,000 businesses in 175 countries. Your business niche may be one of these 500,000 businesses. There are many Shopify developers in Manchester that you can hire for your job, or you can handle this yourself. 

Below are some of the reasons why Shopify is the best e-commerce platform for startups. 

Speed And Security You Get With Shopify

For any website, especially e-commerce, the speed of the website plays an important role for your customers. If you are on WordPress or doing it the old way, you will face a lot of website loading delays and proceeding delays. WordPress uses a lot of third-party plugins and customization that make it slower to load and makes it insecure. Shopify provides the best service in terms of payment integration with payment providers. It has a built in speed checker, and it enables the user to complete payments within a reasonable amount of time.

Hosting Solutions

When you start your website, the first problem that you face is web hosting service. When you are doing a shopping cart, it demands the same level of time and technical support, but startups do not have that much extra time and support. Well, in the case of Shopify, you do not need to worry about this. It is a cloud-based setup where you do not need to worry about servers and any database. You can log in and access all of your data anytime and anywhere. All you need is the internet connection and the admin login details. What makes it easier and seamless is that you can handle the payment gateways. 

Community Support

Other than the Shopify help centre, there are more channels that will help you to grow your business. When you are selling on Shopify, there is a whole community supporting you. You can also build your skills and network with other entrepreneurs at events where you can network and grow your business. It provides several discussion forums for business owners, its partners and experts in different fields.

Access To Over 8,000 Apps Through The Shopify App Store

Shopify covers all kinds of needs of all businesses. For everything else, there are apps that are supported on Shopify. There are more than 8000 apps that are available on Shopify that you can use on your website to customise your store the way you want it.

 These apps are tried and tested by different users and checked by Shopify before they are available for the public to use. From tiktok and WhatsApp to any other application like customer review and Shopify translate and adapt app, any app that you think can help you to gain more customers, you can use that on your store. There is no restriction on how many apps you can use on your store, but we recommend using at most 30 apps. 

These are a few out of the many reasons that make Shopify the best e-commerce platform for startups.

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