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5 Must-Have Accessories for Mercedes Sprinter

  • April 2, 2024
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5 Must-Have Accessories for Mercedes Sprinter

If you are camping or living in your vehicle, you need one with the perfect space. What other option do you have, if not the Mercedes Sprinter? It has room and is versatile, making it suitable for your desires and preferences. 

However, before you take it out, you must make certain modifications and add some accessories to make it the ultimate adventure vehicle. Due to its size, you have unlimited options for extra accessories to make it comfortable and suited to your needs.  

Here are some must-have accessories you should add to the van.

1. Roof Racks 

The Sprinter has one of the largest roofs, creating a vast new space for storage. You can carry more than enough on the roof to make your trip fun.  

With that space, you don’t have to worry about forgoing anything. This versatile space can accommodate luggage, sporting equipment, and everything you need for different ventures. 

Having a roof rack on the camper van may sound excessive, but the sprinter is suited for the rack. You need the rack for different reasons: to create extra space inside the van and open space. If you are going camping, you need some extra space to contain all the items you carry, hence the need for space. 

Before you refit the van for your adventures, i.e., make it a house on wheels, remember to buy only authentic Mercedes Sprinter accessories. Any roof rack may not look impressive on the van unless you buy it from a legitimate Mercedes Sprinter van roof rack dealer.  

You should also seek the help of a mechanic or a dealer to install the roof rack and position it accurately on the roof.

2. Spare Tyre For Van 

The sprinter has a flat back that you can open to access the limited trunk storage space. This space can sometimes be too limited to carry all the essentials you need to make your adventure fun. Therefore, it is easier to forego critical items like a spare tyre to create enough room for essential luggage. 

Woe unto you when you experience a puncture or other tire-related incidents on the road.  

You don’t have to make such sacrifices when you can make room for an extra tyre. All you have to do is create a tyre carrier at the back of the passenger, and you have a designated space for it. 

With this genius move, you create extra storage and space in the trunk. It sounds easier to do, but you need the help of an expert to create the carrier. The space on the door is limited, and you must strategically position the tyre to not damage anything.  

3. Back and Raised Cameras 

If you have ever driven a sprinter, you know how challenging it can be to see what’s happening at the back. The van is too big and sometimes long to view the back.   

The trouble increases if the interior is filled with people or if you have converted it into a sleeper van. This means the rear camera can no longer help see what is happening at the back. 

Add an extra backup camera at the back to overcome all these challenges. Position the camera slightly higher, closer to the sprinter’s roof. Next, connect it to the dashboard monitors to get accurate views.  With that, you can easily reverse or switch on the camera during a heavy traffic jam to see what’s happening at the back. Secondly, you can integrate the camera with the dashboard cam for extra benefits and functionality.

4. Install Window Blinders and Curtains 

The Sprinter is the ultimate sleeper van due to its guaranteed privacy. If you’re using it as your home on wheels, you should value your privacy by installing window blinders. The space is big, and you have the option of different types of blinders to consider.  

During the remodel and refitting, you can create a curtain space, use electric blinders, or use simple covers. That depends on your preferences and interior design concepts. These blinders and covers are perfect for making your house on wheels warmer, especially during the cold seasons. 

With this modification, you can park your van in the parking lots or camping lots. Then, you can comfortably sleep during the day and night without privacy concerns. Another option to boost privacy is to tint the windows; however, if you need more, you can have the covers.

5. Sprinter Door Extension 

During the modifications, mechanics can slightly raise the sprinter to make it ideal for off-roading and camping. This increases ground clearance and can sometimes hinder entry into the van. Therefore, you need to have an extension to step on to easily get into the van without struggling.  

This is essential, especially if you are short or have kids. You can choose from two extension options: static and retracted. The latter can return below the van and reappear when you open the doors. The former will always be in place and is cheaper to install, though it may look conspicuous. 

Final word 

As you modify the Sprinter to make it home on the wheel or the perfect adventure vehicle, consider the best options and what you need.  

Make benign but necessary changes, including back cameras, space for spare tyres, roof rack, etc. Just ensure you do not add anything that makes the van look conspicuous.

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